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Connect the enclosure to any working computer via USB and wait until your hard drive is detected and installed. Now I am happy again.. I told him to bring it home with him and I would fix it. You can install a compatible drive and run the restore. Maybe you have a faulty hard drive? It is that my dear wife keeps manageing to drop them and bust the dc power port off. Oh man, thank you so much.

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It should work fine even with 2GB. Before attempting to acer 5100 bl51 the drive using the default recovery image, I backed up my crucial data using a SATA enclosure to another machine. Assumed a driver issue so installed latest drivers but to no avail. bl5

Search acer 5100 bl51 this part number on the Internet. Is there a way to reset the bios or cmos? So, I am wondering… how do I know what to replace…?

Thanks for all your help! By using Windows acer 5100 bl51, the computer is now up and running again…. Next thing to happen was the usb ports stopped recognizing anything. I dont want to go on a buy a whole new screen if the back of the computer is broke now. First of all, make sure the computer is turned off, the power adapter is disconnected and the battery is removed.

Acer Aspire specs – Engadget

I have the Radeon xpress. Try uninstalling this driver if you can or reinstall Windows from scratch.

You can check acer 5100 bl51 fuse for continuity with a multimeter. Check memory modules, try reseating them. Now the laptop goes on from aceg power button and gives power to cpu, dvd and even the hdd seems to be spinning from what I could hear.

An Acer Aspire Laptop with a Upon powering vl51, my runs for about 5 seconds, then shuts itself off. Is there a manual availeble acer 5100 bl51 installing bluetooth internal?

Usually laptop keyboards do not fail like that. Could be software or hardware related problem.

acer aspire 5100 bl51 drivers windows 7

My bonehead guess would be that the next file is trashed. Remove one and test the laptop, then remove the second one and test again. The lappy was dropped on 510 side part of the jack was broken off. Also, try reconnecting memory modules. I reinstalled both modules rebooted and it continued with the clicking sound.

I am attempting to repair a Aspire series, model BL Acer 5100 bl51 removing them one by one and start the acer 5100 bl51 with each module separately.

Is this the problem or is it something else? I have bl5 acer aspireit has acer 5100 bl51 bluetooth switch on the front which is not connected to a bluetooth device, i. Try starting the laptop without the hard drive acer 5100 bl51 DVD drive. I have cleaned the fan and the ventilation using a vacuum cleaner.

Acer 5100 bl51, I would like to open things up to see if there are any bits that can be replaced, or at least removed for inspection. If everything works fine with one of the modules installed, most likely the second one is defective and has to be replaced. I am reformatting it because I suspect a virus is causing boot issues — it freezes everytime at the windows start up logo screen and safemode will not work either — please help me?