The man is still quick.. Donegal was 6 years ago, Im living in the now, he was good then so does that mean we shower praise on him forever more? THe first may be far sharper and get to the issues quicker and better and have a serious outcome, but Gerry Springer is far more entertaining even if it acheives sweet fuck all and has no social or political consequence, Dont get me wrong Im not trying to insult Nesbit or James O Brien, Im just wondering is all this a big theatric to keep us hooked and get us buying ring tones or whatever, if it is well then bravo for Team Nesbitt and the sponsors for putting on the show, but does it just mean if you leave aside the notes is it just standard rally pace? I was on a long straight on ss7 on saturday where it was flat out and it was very noticeable that Andrew had not got the top speed in his car, we found out later he had gearbox problems which explained it as the car was pinking. Originally posted by teamgibbons The man is quick, make no mistake, Nesbitt was pineapple poor all weekend and couldn’t hold a light to him on Sunday afternoon. He was often leading rallies or was in a strong position, until mechanical failures let him down. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately , especially if potentially libelous or harmful.

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He is currently co-driven by James O’Brien from Co. But it was a bleak weekend for the Nesbitt roadshow, he was a shadow of his former self for nesgitt reason?

Competition is good so long may the likes of these drivers be around. The man is still quick.

Rally legend Andrew Nesbitt backs Manus Kelly for further glory – Donegal Daily

Breen didnt need a lamp pod: Andrew nesbitt rally all due respect, when has Derek McGarrity actually proven himself against Nesbitt and co to be considered one of the fastest tarmac men in the country? If Charlie was there in the other Corolla or Harrison was there would they have been as far up as Breen? Andrew nesbitt rally, I andrew nesbitt rally thought you were knocking him. He will be back no doubt about it, so will DMG who also had a bit of lacklustre rally by his standards. No Steve it wasn’t at you, just at the guys who like dissing Nesbitt all the time.

Man alive, if you’re actually suggesting for one moment that McGarrity is a faster driver than Nesbitt, then there’s something far wrong. Andrew’s car is currently sponsored by Rutledge Joblink and Cross-Refrigeration. Three words, Donegal Andrew nesbitt rally Originally posted by Tropsrotom Why did he need the pod- tie wrapped or welded or otherwise I dont think it was dark enough- my camera worked fine, flash didnt come on?

I am amazed as what I have been reading above. Ok maybe the term pure dung was a bit strong, as I was merely correcting facts you said that were wrong about O’Brien, the ringtone and that Andrew nesbitt rally is not fast, lol. A couple of points, anyone that finishes in the top 10 on an ITC round is a very good driver, that is not debatable.

Tarmac Titan Andrew Nesbitt talks to Highland Sport

Before anyone gets on my case I don’t support any one driver driving a WRC, if someone drives well then I’ll appreciate it No saw the mechanics put on the Pods myself at last service – and to be honest they were not doing a very good job!

Could andrew nesbitt rally worse I could be a gimp? Im not knocking it as entertainment jaysus go back and read my post- I praised him for it! Yes all these discussions are trivial, and a bit of banter IMO, as long as they dont become slanderous, or controversial about andrew nesbitt rally person themselves, not their rallying careers.

Each driver has their favourite events, and some andrew nesbitt rally are trickier, Austin McHale was the first to really master Galway, and it andrew nesbitt rally like Eugene is the next one. Your missing my point Do you think that its all drama, I rate DMG as good a driver as any of them, he is neat and tidy and gets the job done, remember some of his finest performances were consistent ones where he had to make sure he wasnt damaging a car that was already sold!

He pegged the Focus into the bend, the back of her sliding out, absolutely fantastic to watch and i andrew nesbitt rally believe he set quickest time on that stage. Donegal was 6 years ago, Im living in the now, he was good then so does that mean we shower praise on him forever more?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As for the lamp pod, it was purely precautionary to put it on, there could easily have been a delay at the rallyy of the stage and at that time of the day, darkness falls quickly half an hour delay or even more andrew nesbitt rally the stage would have been run in darkness.

He is best known for driving the Subaru Impreza but first made his name driving andrew nesbitt rally Toyota Anvrew on the Donegal International Rally. I seen on the texts coming through that he had rslly problems, and andrew nesbitt rally that he got it fixed, and then that he had more gearbox problems. In an S8 against a P? I dont remember seeing a pod on the Nesbit S9 when it was a t the last junction, I could be mistaken, or maybe they stopped to take her off at mid point?

I think it was a yellow andrew nesbitt rally Jesus Christ man, you need to get out more!! Nesbitt had raally off weekend i. As regards Nesbitt’s notes, if you look at videos from yesteryear George Andrew nesbitt rally who sat with Nesbitt in the mid 90’s was using terms such as Stop and Suddenly, so I dont think its anything to do with O’Brien His car is prepared by McKinstry Motorsport.

Why is this notion dung: