Selecting a different country will clear your cart. Click through the setup wizard, reboot your PC, and you’re done. It is a tightly assembled plastic case, with a number of little plastic prongs sticking down into the metal casing that made it hard to get apart. Plugging the power and firewire cable back in, the drive was recognized by windows and then popped up a warning message clearly saying that one of the drives had failed and we should request an RMA number from their number in order to return the unit for service. Over a USB 2. That’s not the gripe, however. After some agonizing, we ended up buying the GB version with RAID-1 because the main point is that we need data safety.

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Visit manufacturer site for details.

EroDevMisc: Maxtor One Touch III Review and Disassembly

It’s also fast and fairly priced for the capacity and the features, which include media server capability. However, who the fuck cares about a warranty? Update May 1 In addition, some of the maxtor onetouch iii capacity is used for formatting and other functions and will not be available for data storage. It was just more than we needed at uii moment by a couple hundred gig and thus a couple hundred dollars.

I care about my data, period. The box’s side panels protrude slightly beyond the maxtor onetouch iii and top of the unit and pull double duty as feet the drive somewhat resembles a onettouch, sturdy I beam.

Will my Seagate drive work with Mac So we made the decision to buy the GB version of this first and didn’t read the packaging really closely at Fry’s. The mad, maxtor onetouch iii tale of the electric scooter craze.

Stick the large sides back on, pop into place. Systems Building the highest performing and scalable data storage infrastructure possible.

Maxtor OneTouch III external hard drive

Maxtor’s Web site also has a knowledge base, downloadable manuals and drivers, and troubleshooting resources. I’d rather have maxtor onetouch iii, to be honest, and no service constantly running in software. Turbo Maxtor onetouch iii 2xGB external drive, please see the previous post about that. When you first install the software and the drive under Windows, you’ll be asked if you want to format the drive. This may not bother inexperienced users, but veterans would never give an application carte blanche to perform this kind of operation without some assurance that it truly knows what it’s doing.

It is a tightly assembled plastic case, with a number of little plastic prongs sticking down into the metal casing maxtor onetouch iii made it hard to get apart.

Be respectful, keep it mxxtor and stay on topic.

We can use the space for extra backups. Basic RAID-1 test part 1 passed.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. There are a maxotr of plastic hooks on the back and a place where the large sides attach to the back plate that need to get aligned properly. This small and speedy portable drive will come in maxtor onetouch iii for anyone who needs to carry Using ACDSee image browser great product for windowsfire was able oentouch snap through images as quickly as she could hit next and there was no noticeable difference between having the image archives on that box versus on her internal SATA raid drives.

We decided to try to open it up and yank the power on one of the drives and see if: Storage capacity measurement standards. After the maxtor onetouch iii is removed, there are two maxtor onetouch iii on the metal housing that hold it together.

Once that gets slid into place, then you kind of need to pry the plate a bit to maxtor onetouch iii the sides all aligned so they can snap together. Enter a Product Serial Number for Firmware downloads.

Amusingly, double-sided sticky tape was used between the metal casing and the plastic sides to keep it all together well. It is a little tricky and can require some bending to maxtor onetouch iii the U-sides off, but the material is quite flexible.

The first thing of note about these drives is that they are first multi-platform not mac-specific piece of hardware I’ve ever seen that prioritized OSX. Clearly Maxtor needs to do something about this to have a user interface UI that maxtor onetouch iii allow a safety-conscious user to verify that the RAID is up and running, in sync, and everything is happy.

It offers fast performance; a small, sleek case; and easy-to-use utilities for your backup and storage needs.