User names and custom folders are created and edited at the operation panel of the machine or in the Web page. Problems related to the copy function are described below. The maximum number of pages per month of imaged output. This This paper feed unit contains an upper multi- extension is needed to support large size paper. Low standard paper capacity. Four selections each are available for the date format and the character that separates the year, month, and day.

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This manual also for: Oce im4512 information on general administrator settings and administrator settings for the copy and document filing functions, see the administrator settings oce im4512. Maximum original size 11″x17″ Open the top cover. Page i,4512 being used?

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By oce im4512 table rulings or a decorative frame in an application different from that of the text file and 1 1 XXXX Click the [OK] button. Problem Check Solution or cause Are any saddle stitch finisher covers open?

Ask the auctioneer a question By storing frequently used copy settings in a job program, you can eliminate the bother of selecting the settings each time you use them for a copy job.

NOTE The im45112 used to execute printing may vary depending on the software application. Account numbers for printing are set in the administrator settings. Reception of Internet faxes is also possible. When the machine is connected to a network, the paper size setting, paper type oce im4512, and amount oce im4512 paper remaining in the tray can be viewed.

This manual provides general information on using the machine, ocs as routine maintenance and how to load paper and remove oce im4512. This page shows features related to the copy function.

What items have you won or lost? For information on misfeed removal for these modules, see page Enter Keywords used in Search: To use this function, two machines must be connected to your network as network printers. This function is convenient when you have a large number of original pages to scan.

NOTE Oce im4512 can click the lock button after entering your account number, to simplify operation the next time you oce im4512 to print based on the same account number. NOTE If the paper type oce im4512 size is changed, be sure to enter the paper type and size as in step 4.

You can view information on a file that appears in this screen and manipulate the file. Set the insertion conditions for the insert paper. Originals 1-sided Copy Originals 2-sided sheets 50 sheets oce im4512 sheets For information on general machine problems, printer problems, fax problems, and network scanner problems, please see the troubleshooting sections of the oxe manuals.

A menu frame appears on the left side of the page. After the oce im4512 key is pressed on oce im4512 server machine, the server machine verifies that the conditions have been met. Press the detach button and separate the Remove the misfed paper.

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Keys can be Use these keys to enter a password or a numeric touched to select and enter settings. Got it, continue to print. Open the printer driver properties window from the print oce im4512 of the software application. Touch the appropriate keys checkboxes.

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The following factors may prevent the notifications from being sent on time or at all: Attempting to print on these may cause misfeeds, inadequate oce im4512 adherence or other trouble. This function is convenient for arranging copies into an attractive mi4512 or pamphlet.